Pregnancy #5

Ashes from pregnancy that ended in miscarriage.
This artwork is a commentary on the frailty of life, as well as a monument and place of serenity and reflection for the millions who have had pregnancies end, whether through choice or nature. Loss of pregnancy and the haunting echos of “what might have been” cause grief for so many. Most women suffering through this ordeal are dealt with in a cold, clinical way, depriving them of their right to experience and grieve this profound life-altering loss. I felt it was important to give it attention.



At the Museum

Cut Piece Redux

In 1999 I created “Yoko Ono, Cut Piece Redux.” I conceptualized Yoko reprising her incredible performance art “Cut Piece,” which she first performed in the early 1960’s when she was young and conformed more closely to society’s definition of beauty. I thought it would be profound to see how the piece would change as she neared her 70’s, in a world increasingly saturated with images of women in various states of undress. Would participants in the post-feminist yet porn-rich era feel more or less entitled? Would they show more respect to an elder? Would Yoko’s personal cofidence in her body change?
I was thrilled to learn that a few years later Ms. Ono did reprise her original piece in Paris. You can read more about it on Yoko’s personal website here:
You can watch a video of the original piece here:
A fuller length version is here:
You can also click here to watch a video of her magnificent 2003 performance:

Undamaged Piss Christ

In early 2010, Andres Serrano’s Piss Christ, widely considered to be one of the most important pieces of art in the 20th century, was on exhibit at the Yvon Lambert exhibit in Versailles. Early one morning, three religious zealots, who did not understand the artistic statement the piece was making, scuffled with the security guard and attacked the piece with a hammer and ice pick, damaging it beyond repair. Fortunately, I was able to travel to an alternate dimension and recover 3 undamaged versions. I gave one to Andres, another to Yvon, and kept one for myself.

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